Dairy Farms

While dairy operations will never be completely free of flying insects, untreated fly infestations can lead to reduced dairy profitability. The negative effects of flies can cost an operation more in damages than the cost to effectively treat flies on a dairy property.

Fly Guard has the products and techniques that provide the most effective and economical flying insect control solutions for dairy farms. Our custom-installed automatic flying insect control systems are safe for livestock animals and come with a 15-year warranty. 

Flying Insect Prevention for Dairy Farms

Flies are not only an annoyance, they also pose a threat to animal health, which affects your
bottom line. Stable flies administer a painful bite that irritates cows during feeding, milking, and
resting. Face flies are primarily responsible for pinkeye transmission, irritating the eyes making
them more susceptible to infection. Having a program to control the various flies on a dairy will
help keep your cows relaxed, which usually leads to increased milk production.

Our licensed experts will work with you to get a complete picture of your dairy facilities and
make recommendations that best suit your needs.

Flying insects create many problems and losses on dairies such as:

  • Loss in milk production
  • Spread of disease 
  • Stress and stress-related injuries
  • Wounds and infections from bites
  • Animal loss

Fly Guard’s FG96 automatic overhead spray system:

Fly Guard’s FG96 automatic, overhead spray system is typically recommended on dairies. FG96 is ideal for:

  • Calf Barns
  • Freestall Barns
  • Holding Areas
  • Residential
  • Additional Applications

The FG96 sprays Fly Guard’s own specially formulated blend of pyrethrin-based solution that kills and repels flies. Its versatility allows the overhead lines and nozzles to be attached to any type of roof line, supported by professionally installed cables, or even trenched in between buildings to spray detached pens or other buildings. 

Tempo Ultra WP:

If additional control is required in trouble areas, Fly Guard recommends Tempo Ultra WP. It is a residual pyrethroid powder that is mixed with water and dispensed using a handheld or backpack sprayer. Tempo’s residual properties remain effective for several weeks after spraying.