Service Program

Fly Prevention Services:

Specializing in flying insect control for over 40 years, Fly Guard Systems are proven to be an effective, reliable and economical way to control flying insects in your facility.

After installation, licensed technicians will provide regular service to your Fly Guard System.  Service program includes cleaning system, water filtering, PH testing, pressure check, cleaning filters, flushing lines, nozzle maintenance and replenishment of spray solution as needed.

Hassle Free Fly Control Maintenance:

With our regularly scheduled service program, your Fly Guard System will provide you with many years of hassle-free fly control.  Fly Guard Systems takes pride in providing excellent customer service and is able to service any brand of fly spray system.

Licensed Fly Guard Technicians:

  • Check in on a regular basis (approximately 4-6 weeks)
  • Test, measure and refill your system

Charges For Service Includes:

  • $35 stop fee
  • Cost of solution and parts/repairs if necessary

Typical Service Stop Includes:

  • Cleaning dust cover, system lid, and tank filter
  • Washing exterior barrel
  • Cleaning Tank Filter
  • Testing nozzles, pressure, and timing controls
  • Measuring solution in tank
  • Refill tank to appropriate level

Additional Services:
(charges may apply)

  • Scrubbing out the inside of the barrel
  • External cleaning of nozzle tips
  • Oil system motor
  • Replacing plugged tips
  • Bleed system lines
  • System winterization (cold service regions)

System Re-Fills / System Components

Perimeter Sprays / Other Products