Large Animal Veterinarians

Fly Guard Systems offers products and techniques that provide effective and economical flying insect control solutions. Flying insects have long been recognized as menacing adversaries in veterinary science and medicine, as they play a pivotal role in transmitting and spreading numerous diseases. These small insects transfer pathogens that can lead to devastating consequences for animals.

Flying Insect Control for Large Animal Veterinarian Facilities

Our custom-installed automatic flying insect control systems are safe for animals and come with a 15-year warranty. Our licensed experts will work with you to get a complete picture of your facilities and make recommendations that best suit your needs.

Large Veterinarian Clinics face unique flying insect challenges such as:

Alleviating stress and stress related injuries to recovering animals

  • Presenting a sanitary environment to animal owners
  • Assuring sterile environment during surgeries
  • Preventing infections in wounds
  • Eliminating prolonged recovery time

FG96 Automatic Overhead Spray System:

For facilities with stalls and/or corrals, we typically recommend Fly Guard FG96. The FG96 is an automatic, overhead spray system that emits Fly Guard’s own specially formulated blend of pyrethrin-based solution that kills and repels flies and other flying insects. FG96’s versatility allows the overhead lines & nozzles to be attached to any type of roof line, supported by professionally installed cables, or even trenched in between buildings to spray detached pens or other buildings.

Tempo Ultra WP:

If additional control is required in trouble areas, Fly Guard recommends Tempo Ultra WP. It is a residual pyrethroid powder that is mixed with water and dispensed using a handheld or backpack sprayer. Tempo’s residual properties remain effective for several weeks after spraying.  Recommended spray areas include:

  • Open Pipe Corrals
  • East Facing Exterior Walls of Buildings
  • Trash Can and Dumpster Areas
  • Tarps and Surroundings of Manure Piles
  • Call for a Recommendation for Your Facility